Your Rendezvous With Nature

Welcome! To D’Pengkalan Nature & Lodge.
A geographically unique outpost where one could experience the different types of eco-system lying in close proximity to each other.

Situated in the heart of Rantau Abang, a stone’s throw away from the turtle sanctuary, it is located just along the main road of Marang/Rantau Abang border; at the Rantau Abang monument (if you are coming from Marang/Kuala terengganu);

D’Pengkalan is fringed by a freshwater lake where one could do endless canoeing activities or fishing. Take the raft or the bridge across the lake and you get to the beach. A sprawling scenery of grass, golden sand & great blue sea. Cross the main street on the other side and you are only 5 minutes walk away from the International World Forest of Rantau Abang; with numerous treks to be explored by the jungle enthusiasts. To sum it all, the 3 elements of nature… sea, lake & jungle found “under one roof”. Just like the commercials say “3 in 1”. I am beginning to believe & wonder if this is the only place that offers all………..


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